WWE News: 'Raw' Superstar Returns To Ring For WWE Kalamazoo Event Despite Retirement Rumors

On Friday night, the WWE took its show to Kalamazoo, Michigan where fans in attendance saw the return of a longtime Raw superstar. "The Big Red Machine" Kane made his return to the ring after previously getting buried under the commentary team's table up on the stage. As part of the ongoing storyline, Braun Strowman was the man responsible for the "burial" which saw Kane loaded onto a stretcher and taken to a hospital. Later, WWE indicated that Kane had crawled his way out of the hospital to break out. He hadn't been seen or heard from on Raw since then. However, he made an appearance last night for a match in Kalamazoo.

That match would feature the man who sent him to the hospital as Kane battled Braun Strowman. The WWE released an Instagram photo from last night's match showing a face-off between Strowman and Kane in the ring. It was reported by 411 Mania that a fan in attendance at the event said the match lasted approximately eight minutes with Braun Strowman victorious. Another fan posted a video clip of the finish which shows Kane go for the chokeslam, Braun fight out of it, and then hit the powerslam for the win. That's to be expected based on Braun's continued push on Raw and the fact it's a live house show event. It would be surprising to see Kane defeat Strowman in any match as the WrestleMania PPV is not far away.

Still, this is good news for fans of "The Big Red Machine." There had been previous speculation that Kane may be calling it a career after that Raw match. More recently, he'd been focusing on campaigning for mayor in Knox County, Tennessee. There was even a recent appearance involving his "Brother of Destruction," The Undertaker, to help out with the publicity. That alone led to plenty of rumors, but mostly that Undertaker was preparing for some sort of return to the ring himself.

The way Kane had been sent to the hospital and reports he was having issues working matches due to age and health led to the speculation he may be hanging up the wrestling gear. However, this latest match in which he battled Braun Strowman could be an indication he'll resume the feud for a bit on Raw. It's entirely possible he'll have a WrestleMania appearance in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal or some other match, but fans will need to wait and see if he resurfaces on Raw. As of right now, there are no reports that Kane will be on the upcoming Raw but WWE may be keeping his next appearance under wraps.