ChoreMonster Rewards Kids For Doing Chores

The new application ChoreMonster rewards your kids for doing chores.

According to Today, ChoreMonster is a new app designed to encourage children to do chores by turning the otherwise monotonous tasks into games and rewarding kids with points once they are done.

Once your kid has racked up enough points, they can trade them in for different rewards.

Founder and CEO of ChoreMonster Chris Bergman said:

“There are usually enough chores in a week to redeem some sort of reward.”

The rewards are provided by the kids’ parents and range from sleepovers, family outings, video games, or a cash allowance.

Parents assign chores through the app. Along with the chore, the parents include when the chore needs to be accomplished by and how many points their kid will earn once accomplished.

The parents also list the rewards and how many points needed to redeem them.

Once the parents have set all of the information needed, the kids can then log in to the their account and see the chores and rewards.

According to Biz Journals, ChoreMonster conducted beta testing in more than 21,000 households in 50 countries. During the beta testing, more than 300,000 chores were completed.

Bergman said this in a news release:

“Getting kids to do their chores is at the top of any parent’s to-do list, while playing fun, interactive games on their computer or mobile device is what the kids care about. With ChoreMonster, the wishes of both parents and their children can be fulfilled.”

The website is up and running, and the app is now available on iTunes.

ChoreMonster is available for iOS devices and on the web.