Solar Flares 2013: Experts Warn The Threat Is Real

Solar flares are predicted to peak in 2013. Solar eruptions occur routinely and do not reportedly cause harm to humans but could bring on the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) if a major flare hits Earth and takes out our largely over-burdened and antiquated power grid.

Will the 2013 weather forecast be sunny with a mild chance for apocalypse or is the doomsday scenario over-hyped? The extent the havoc a massive solar flare could wreak on the earth depends a lot on which expert is being quoted. Most experts do not disagree that a massive solar flare could take out the power grid and turn our electricity-dependent culture into a Little House on the Prairie style existence. The disagreement about solar storms typically centers on the likelihood of an immense solar flare flexing its power directly at the Earth.

Seton Hall University professor Jose Lopez told Fox News that a massive solar flare could cause as much as $2 trillion worth of damage. Lopez also noted that electric grids that power entire cities could go down temporarily. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, some experts believe that a downed power grid could take months or even a year to restore.

Professor Lopez also had this to say about a solar peak in 2013:

“The concern of a strong solar flare in the direction of Earth is legit. The possibility that such a sun burst could hit Earth and could cause extensive damage as it would charge-up our electrical equipment and destroy and destroy them. The ramped up solar activity is to be expected through 2013, as it is the peak of the sun’s current 11-year cycle.”

Sunspot AR1654 is getting larger and unleashed an M1-class flare on January 11, the Huffington Post notes. The NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft is one of several space telescopes keeping a close watch on solar flare activity.

A report about the M1-class solar flare reads:

“AR1654 is getting bigger as it turns toward Earth. Not only is the chance of flares increasing, but also the chance of an Earth-directed eruption. This could be the sunspot that breaks the recent lengthy spell of calm space weather around our planet.”

Are you concerned enough about solar flares in 2013 to research how to build a Faraday cage, or do you think the threat is not severe enough to prompt the prepper-within to spring into action?