Documentary With Evidence Connecting Reigns To Steroid Dealer Releasing Soon, New Plans For ‘WrestleMania 34’?


Filmmaker Jon Bravo, who is making a documentary about currently jailed steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez, is set to release his movie soon. A YouTube Channel that goes by the name Heel by Nature has released a video which features comments by the filmmaker on the alleged involvement of Roman Reigns and other WWE superstars with WFN.

Jon Bravo stated that he was filming the last parts of the movie and then will have it reviewed by his attorneys. He also added that he would have to hide after the movie is released and it was tough investigating someone else’s claims. The YouTube video also adds some other information which could be shocking for the WWE Universe.

The video claims that there is evidence that a WWE legend placed an order worth $1,400,000. It adds that the documentary will also reveal information about the current and former stars that were connected to WFN. The evidence will also contain information such as tracking details, phone numbers, and order records.

In an earlier interview with Hannibal TV, Jon Bravo stated that Wellness Fitness Nutrition LLC (WFN) had over 14,000 clients that included athletes, celebrities, and even members of Congress. Bravo also clarified that he was not targeting Roman Reigns but was doing specific videos on him because he denied knowing Rodriguez and WFN, as reported by Wrestling Inc.

Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar still on the cards for WrestleMania 34
Featured image credit: WWE

The filmmaker also added that it was possible for WWE to already know the details as they could be aware of the drugs Reigns failed in the testing. However, as of writing, it appears the plans for Roman Reigns to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 were still in motion. Notably, WWE has invested a lot of time and effort in pushing Reigns as a face against Lesnar heading to the biggest show of the year.

While WWE may not be openly admitting it, reports do indicate that the officials might be preparing for the worst. Braun Strowman was pulled from the singles match as WWE wants to have him as a backup plan. If a lot of damaging evidence is revealed, it could bring down Roman Reigns even before he was crowned as “The Guy” at WrestleMania by defeating Brock Lesnar.

Roman Reigns' future could be in jeopardy
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It remains to be seen what type of evidence is released and whether it is released before WrestleMania 34. In either case, it appears that after biggest show of the year, Roman Reigns would be either where WWE wants him to be or where majority fans want him to be.