‘Blindspot’ Season 3, Episode 14 Spoilers: Patterson Might Discover Zapata’s Project Dragonfly Connection

Barbara NitkeNBC

The return of Blindspot Season 3 was certainly an exciting one, especially since the show finally reintroduced Archie Panjabi’s Nas Kamal. Although it was interesting to see the former head of Zero Division once again working with the FBI team, “Warning Shot” may have hinted on the future for Jane Doe’s colleagues. Will Patterson figure out what Tasha Zapata is up to in Blindspot Season 3, Episode 14? Could the team learn about Project Dragonfly and what the CIA is planning against them in “Everlasting”?

The following contains spoilers from Blindspot Season 3, Episode 13 so proceed with caution.

In “Warning Shot,” Tasha Zapata initially stated that she does not know about Nas Kamal’s involvement with the CIA. However, it is later revealed that Zapata knows more than she has admitted and that she could get in trouble with the rest of the team because of something called Project Dragonfly. Interestingly, creator Martin Gero confirmed that the project will be a major gamechanger beyond Blindspot Season 3, Episode 14.

Martin Gero recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about Project Dragonfly, stating that it is “a thread that we’ve been dangling” since the premiere of Blindspot Season 3. The show creator added that Zapata and Keaton are “obviously worried” that the FBI will learn about their “ultra-secret CIA project.”

A scene from Blindspot.
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But what exactly is Project Dragonfly about? Martin Gero did not offer more clues but did share that “a character or two that will feel very betrayed by Zapata” once the FBI team learns about the CIA’s secret project. In addition to that, it looks like Patterson might learn the truth in Blindspot Season 3, Episode 14.

The synopsis for “Everlasting” confirms that Patterson will take center stage as she investigates a tattoo, as reported by Carter Matt. However, there will be “a horrible incident” after she learns that “all is not as it seems.” There are speculations that Patterson will finally discover the truth about Project Dragonfly as well as Zapata’s involvement with the project. Unfortunately, it is also possible that Patterson will be in major trouble in Blindspot Season 3, Episode 14.

The teaser for “Everlasting” reveals that Patterson will get into an accident that could lead to her being in a coma. Find out if Jane Doe and Kurt Weller can save her in time when Blindspot Season 3, Episode 14 airs on NBC on March 9.