Cardi B Wants Fans To Respect Strippers Even As She Shares It Was Her Mom Who Helped Her Move On From Job

Kimberley Spinney

When it comes to Cardi B, the rapper has no problem talking about her past and reminding her fans that at one point in her life, before she became famous, she was a stripper. The rapper has made it clear that she is not ashamed of having been an exotic dancer and in a new interview, she opens up about why she continues to talk about her past career choice and how her mom helped her to get away from the stripper life.

According to People Magazine, Cardi B explained that one of the big reasons that she is so willing to talk about the fact that she was once an exotic dancer is because when people question her and say that they "get it," she also realizes that the conversation is not over. In fact, Cardi B said that the big reason she continues to talk about her past is "because y'all don't respect me because of it, and y'all going to respect these strippers from now on." As the rapper pointed out, just because someone is working as an exotic dancer, that does not mean that they do not have a brain.

Cardi B made it clear that not only does she fully embrace her past, but it is not something she is ashamed of, which is why she has no problem talking about it with her fans or the media. For her, it was a means of making money in order to pay the bills.

The rapper shared that while her initial goal with her music was to "make a lot of money," it did not take her long to have a new goal and that was getting people's respect. Cardi B said that now when she asks to collaborate with people, there is a level of respect there that leads to them saying yes to her.

Not only has Cardi B been able to earn people's respect, but she is hoping to show people that strippers deserve respect as well. The rapper is hoping that by reminding people of her own past, she can help to change their attitude towards people who are now, or have been, exotic dancers.