Devastated And Single Miranda Lambert Annoyed By Blake Shelton, According To 'Life & Style'

It's been more than two years since Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton got divorced, and the 34-year-old singer still appears to have not moved on from the 41-year-old country superstar. According to a new report, the "Vice" hitmaker was annoyed that her ex-husband is opening up a restaurant in Nashville.

An insider told Life & Style that Miranda feels that Blake is being obnoxious for starting up a business in her hometown. She allegedly was forced to close down Ladysmith Bed & Breakfast and The Pink Pistol in Oklahoma after their split. However, Shelton bought the building where her boutique used to be located and opened up his restaurant there.

Miranda allegedly revealed to a source that it was her ex-husband's idea to have their own territory, but he broke the rule by opening up a massive restaurant in her area. The Voice coach is reportedly excited to open up his second restaurant and claimed that Nashville and Oklahoma are both important places to him.

If Miranda Lambert has moved on from Blake Shelton, then she wouldn't have been that affected by his decision to open up a business in her hometown. However, it seems that having been recently ditched by her boyfriend Anderson East must have affected her feelings. According to In Touch, the blonde country singer and the 29-year-old blues singer have grown apart while on separate tours.

Anderson East and Miranda Lambert split

Miranda was reportedly devastated when Anderson decided to end their relationship of more than two years. The award-winning songstress allegedly didn't expect him to break up with her. However, Lambert tries her best to move on by writing songs and going on tour instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for herself.

During a recent show, Miranda told her audience in Knoxville that it's her mission to make them feel everything they could possibly feel. According to Knox News, Lambert wanted them to feel sad, happy, nostalgic, and really angry sometimes. She also talked about heartbreak and how she uses it for her art. She also admitted that she likes writing and listening to sad songs.

Some fans speculate that Miranda Lambert's message was about her recent split with Anderson East, but then again it could also be about her ex-husband Blake Shelton since she has admitted writing songs about their divorce in the past.