‘Nearly Everyone Threw Up On Flight,’ Filed In Urgent Report At National Weather Service’s Aviation Center

The passengers, crew, and pilots on board a United Airlines flight bound for Washington Dulles International Airport were in for a stomach-churning ride on Friday when severe turbulence caused by the high winds plaguing the east coast caused most on board to vomit. It was so bad that an urgent report was filed.

That urgent report was filed with the National Weather Service’s aviation center and it stated that “nearly everyone threw up on the flight,” which included the pilots of the plane. It was the descent of the aircraft that was one of the worst parts of the journey, according to NBC News.

The statement read “very bumpy on the descent,” according to NBC. The constant jarring of the plane, along with the up and down motion, had passengers making good use of the free air sickness bags readily available in the pockets behind the seats.

As a nor’easter slammed the east coast, flights were canceled due to the high winds. The wind was not just a problem when flying the friendly skies. According to the New York Daily News, the wind raised havoc with “trains, planes, and automobiles” today with two deaths reported due to this storm event.

An estimated 1,600 flights were canceled among the three major New York area airports and the Northeast Corridor rail service between Boston and Washington was forced to shut down by early afternoon on Friday, due to too many trees and limbs littering the track as they toppled or cracked in the high winds. The major flooding events along the shoreline also contributed to the closing down the entire region of railways.


The wind caused a tree to fall, crushing an 11-year-old boy to death inside his house. According to the New York Daily News, the tree fell through the boy’s house crushing him inside the home. At the time, winds were reported at 60 mph in Putnam County where the boy died. Despite the frantic efforts of firefighters and first responders to clear away the debris to save the boy, he was found dead.

In East Flatbush, a 42-year-old woman died after losing control of her car in the ice and snow. Her car burst into flames after first colliding into several vehicles. An 18-year-old student on the CUNY York College campus in Queens was clipped in the head by a falling tree. She is alive, but in serious condition. As seen in the Facebook post from WPDE, it looks like Godzilla went down this Watertown, Massachusetts, street. This was just a fraction of the damage caused by the wind in the Northeast today.