'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jim Harvey Causes Quake - Michael Wounded, Carly Trapped With Nelle [VIDEO]

General Hospital spoilers from this week's Soap Opera Digest reveal that an "earthquake rocks GH!" But this isn't a natural disaster. Instead, it seems to be the blame of the villain that abused Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) as kids. Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan) is an understated bad guy that at first just seemed like a smarmy land developer. However, new information proves that he's a truly awful man who is a child abuser and a dirty dealer. Lives will be at risk next week, and it is Jim's fault.

Curtis Knows Jim Is A Rotten Apple

It's too bad that Jim made Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine) hand back the maps Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) found in Jim's office. Those were the key to figuring out what Jim is doing under Port Charles and why he's really buying up all those properties.

In the GH recap from Thursday's episode, you can see that Curtis said there is something underneath PC that Jim wants, and it's not about building a stadium or condos. Curtis couldn't figure it out before Jim took the maps and left.

If Curtis had more time, he might have figured out that Jim is trying to get to a natural gas deposit and is planning to do some fracking under the city. That's also why Charlie's Pub had a sewer leak. Fracking is known to bust pipes and cause sewer backup.

Fracking Causes The Earthquake

The big stink at the bar is one more hint that Jim has something terrible planned for the town. New mayor Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) will be sorry he let Jim talk him into the land deal when the town is shaken to its foundation.

The New York Times reports that there were fracking earthquakes in Canada, and Port Charles is right on the border. There are also natural gas deposits in the area where the fictional soap is situated. GH writers are drawing on real-world issues for this plot.

Jim never intended to build condos, but he knew that buying properties would be cheaper if no one knew they were sitting on valuable natural gas. That creep was lying from the start, and now his greed will cause a terrifying blast that takes lives.

Michael Injured And Friz Wedding Ruined

The latest General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) is one of the first people injured when the blast strikes Port Charles. Fortunately, he's with his dad, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), but it's a serious injury.

In the chaos, Sonny loses track of Mike Corbin (Max Gail), and he's terrified because his dad's mental grip is slipping. Over at the church, Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) wonders why Franco is late, and then the quake shakes the church. Several people are hurt.

Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) and Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) can't make it to the hospital, so they set up a shelter at the church for victims of the quake and begin doling out medical help. Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) should also be there to help.

Franco Trapped, Jim Laughs, Carly With Nelle

Right before the blast hits, Franco recovers memories about Jim abusing him and Drew. Franco then realizes he was protecting Drew from his mom's boyfriend. But the quake claims Franco as a victim, and he's trapped. Jim leaves Franco for dead since he knows about his abusive past.

General Hospital spoilers say that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) is at Ava Jerome's (Maura West) gallery with Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) when disaster strikes. Carly hates Nelle and came to confront her about Michael, but then everything changes.

With Nelle and her baby at risk, Carly finally sees Nelle as the mother of her grandchild and not just a schemer. It's down to Carly to save Nelle and the baby's lives. Sonny worries where Carly is because cell service goes down and he can't find her.

Oscar At Risk, Drew Steps Up

The alt-prom is going on at the Floating Rib when the disaster strikes, and unfortunately, Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) and Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) snuck out to be alone. Drew and Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) are horrified that they can't find their son or Joss.

The shock and awe of this event trigger something in Drew, and his military training comes flooding back. He steps up and saves the teenagers, the adults, and finds his son and his girlfriend. While Drew doesn't get back specific memories, his years of experience spur him to action.

Ned also takes action and steps up to be the mayor that Port Charles needs in this time of crisis. Across town at the Quartermaine mansion, there are two people in a panic. Sam Cain (Kelly Monaco) was picking up the kids and runs into Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

Sam And Jason To The Rescue!

General Hospital spoilers preview that Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) is terrified, but as the shock subsides, she agrees to watch the kids while Sam and Jason ride off to help survivors. Sam is petrified when she hears that Drew was near the center of the blast at the Rib.

The roads are piled up, but Jason has his motorcycle, so he and Sam roar off toward town to try and help. Along the way, Jason encounters Franco trapped and facing certain death if he doesn't get help. Jason puts aside his hatred and helps Franco for Liz's sake.

With lives on the line, everyone in Port Charles will be tested. Who will live and who will die when the dust settles? Catch up on GH scoop for the week of March 5, read about Julian and Kim bonding over the ordeal, and see what had Kelly Monaco furious and defending co-star Billy Miller. Watch ABC for the big disaster event, and check back here often for more General Hospital spoilers and news.