Does Carrie Underwood's Face Look 'Different' In New Music Video?

On Thursday, March 2, Carrie Underwood shared a clip from her new music video on Instagram (the full video is available for viewing on Underwood's official YouTube page and is embedded at the end of this article). While many fans were eager to see the music video simply because they love Underwood's song "The Champion," others were curious to see if Underwood's face looked any different -- assuming that the music video was filmed after she fell on her front stairs and suffered a large wound on her face.

It has been months since Underwood posted a selfie. She has been very cautious about letting the world see her face after her fall. However, it has been presumed that the "Champion" music video was filmed in recent weeks. For the most part, Underwood's face is hidden in the video, covered by a microphone in a recording studio. However, there are a few parts of the video in which Underwood's full face is visible -- and she doesn't look any different.

Fans have been talking about the video all morning, wondering when it was filmed. Many have come to the conclusion that it must have been filmed before Underwood's accident because she looks flawless. Her face doesn't appear to even have a scar, which is what many fans have been expecting to see when Underwood does feel comfortable enough to return to the spotlight.

Interestingly, there is a part in the video (around the 2:55 mark) in which there is a blonde woman standing on a beach that could be Underwood's doppelganger. It doesn't appear to be Carrie, however, despite some early speculation. Fans are already saying that the blonde female looks "different" -- and it's because it's not actually Underwood.

Something else that Underwood seems to tackle in the music video is all of those pesky divorce rumors. Not only does she proudly wear her engagement and wedding rings in the video, but her husband, Mike Fisher, and his team, the Nashville Predators, also make a couple of appearances in the video, which is kind of cool -- and it's something that fans were quick to pick up on.

You can watch the new music video for "The Champion" below.