The Inquisitr welcomes Steven Hodson to the writing team

I’m pleased to announce the first addition to our writing team since launching in May: Steven Hodson.

Steven has been in working in technology for 20 years, and had his first start in content creation in the BBS era. Along with a passion for computers, Steven has worked in a professional capacity as a programmer, and took that love to establish Winextra 7 years ago as a set of NNTP newsgroups for the rejects and cast-offs from the old Lockergnome newsgroups.

He’s best known today for his personal blogging at Winextra, and as a blogger for Mashable. He is also an active podcaster, doing his own shows, and is a regular member, along with Cyndy Aleo-Carreira and myself for the Things you can’t say about the Internet podcast.

Steven will be bringing his honest take on the web and technology to The Inquisitr. As well as covering important tech stories along with the rest of the team, Steven will be offering opinion pieces on the news of the day, and the broader web and blogging space. I expect 100% that I won’t always agree with every opinion he gives, which is what makes him such a great hire; Steven brings a unique voice that I know will add to The Inquisitr by broadening what we cover, and the angle we approach it. The net result I believe for readers will be richer reading experience.