Man Reportedly Beats 7-Month-Old Son To Death For Crying Too Much


A Louisiana man has been arrested for allegedly beating his 7-month-old son to death. Corey Nauck took his son Carter to a local hospital on Monday without offering any explanation about his injuries. The little boy was transferred to another hospital where he eventually died of his injuries on Wednesday.

An autopsy was performed with detectives present, which led to Carter’s death to be concluded as a homicide. According to the coroner, Dr. Charles Preston, the 7-month-old boy died of blunt-force trauma. The Advocate is reporting that 25-year-old Corey later confessed to police that he savagely beat the boy because he was crying too much.

This is not the first time that a child born to Nauck and his wife would die. In 2015, they lost a baby boy named Tanner. The coroner at the time determined that the 4-month-old boy had died of congenital heart disease. However, a spokesman from the coroner’s office revealed that they would be reviewing the case of Tanner Nauck.

Nola is reporting that Nauck was arrested in Gulfport, Mississippi, at a family member’s residence. Detectives had obtained an arrest warrant for first-degree murder for the 25-year-old man and will transport him back to St. Tammany Parish in Louisiana where he will be charged for murder.


Corey Nauck’s Facebook profile identified him as a seaman. In a July 7 post on his page, he celebrated the birth of his son, adding that he was a beautiful-looking boy and doing very well. Sheriff Randy Smith of the St. Tammany Parish Department pondered on why a father would want to kill a helpless child.

“This was an innocent and helpless baby. The idea that his precious life was taken by his own father is incomprehensible. Nothing is more horrific than the murder of an infant.”

The death of Carter was the first homicide in St. Tammany Parish in 2018.

However, this is not the first time that a father would murder a baby because he could not stand him crying. In 2017, Craig Dawick was arraigned for the sadistic murder of his 8-month-old son, Leyton. Craig Dawick, a cannabis and cocaine user, kicked, punched, and stamped on the genitals of his son who was suffering from heartburn and teething complications.

A trauma expert who examined Leyton’s injuries associated it to child injuries normally involved in high-speed crashes. Dawick was jailed for life in a 12-day trial, according to the Birmingham Mail. The jury came back with a guilty verdict in under three hours.