‘Diablo’ May Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch, Blizzard Teases On Twitter

Blizzard recently posted a video on social media that has now apparently put Diablo and Nintendo Switch fans into a frenzy. While the post itself does not outright confirm the release of a game from the highly popular hack-and-slash franchise for Nintendo’s latest gaming system, it does hint at its possibility. Blizzard’s posts on social media mostly have a lot of significance when it comes to the company’s future plans and releases, as evident in its Overwatch and World of Warcraft online updates and teasers. It also has to be noted that Blizzard hasn’t really been posting anything regarding the Diablo franchise for quite a while now, which begs the question of why it had posted the video in the first place.

The newly posted video basically shows a Diablo-themed nightlight being “switched” on and off. The six-second video is also cryptically captioned with the words “Sweet Dreams.” The action of switching the lighting fixture on and off has been interpreted by some fans as an indication that the developer may be referencing the Nintendo Switch console. On the other hand, Blizzard could simply be marketing its Demonic nightlight for die-hard fans, but that seems highly unlikely. Fans will probably still be falling over themselves to get their hands on the Diablo nightlight, but a full-blown Nintendo Switch version of any of the Diablo installments would definitely be a better deal.

Based on the immensely positive comments on Blizzard’s post, a Nintendo Switch version that includes a local co-op mode would probably be well received. According to a report from Comic Book, there has been a lot of clamor among fans for Blizzard to release more of its games on consoles. Developers such as Bethesda have had some success with Nintendo Switch ports, but Blizzard apparently still continues to be reluctant to go through that particular route.

During several occasions, Blizzard has denied that it has any intention of bringing its games, such as Hearthstone and Overwatch, to the Nintendo Switch. However, it hasn’t really ruled out the possibility of doing so in the near future. The last Blizzard game that was released on a Nintendo platform was Starcraft, which was ported to the Nintendo 64 back in 2000.