California School Shooting Suspect Bryan Oliver Will Be Tried As An Adult

California school shooting suspect Bryan Oliver, 16, will be tried as an adult. Oliver is charged with two counts of attempted murder. The Taft Union High School student allegedly took a shotgun to school and specifically fired at particular students. The California teenager is also charged with three counts of assault.

Kern County prosecutors considered several factors before deciding to charge Bryan Oliver as an adult, the Los Angeles Times reports. Oliver was allegedly talked into putting his shotgun away by a Taft Union High School teacher. The heroic decision to approach the alleged gunman is credited with saving countless lives.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Mark Pafford has this to say about the California high school shooting:

“The fact that a firearm was used, the severity of injuries to the victim, the evident premeditation and deliberation and the age of the defendant were considered.”

During a press conference last week, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood stated that Bryan Oliver planned the Taft Union High School attack the evening prior and used his brother’s shotgun. The local sheriff also stated that surveillance cameras inside the California high school indicated the teenager was nervous and was attempting to conceal the shotgun.

Oliver was allegedly teased by other students due to his small size, CBS News notes. The alleged high school shooter was also supposedly teased by classmates when he occasionally made “irreverent” comments.

The teenage gunshot victim is currently in an intensive care unit on life support but is expected to recover from his wound. The young man was reportedly hit in the abdomen and chest by shotgun pellets. The shooting also reportedly caused injuries to both his liver and his lungs.