Nick Jonas’ Hot PDA With Mystery Lady Caught On Camera: Annalisa Azaredo Makes Out With Singer, ‘TMZ’ Reports

Nick Jonas had a steamy PDA in Australia with a mystery woman, which got people asking: who is Annalisa Azaredo, the brown-haired lady who caught the Jonas brother’s eye?

The 25-year-old Disney alum has become subject of headlines recently after he was spotted and caught on tape making out with a brunette lady in the streets of Australia. After it was first reported by TMZ, the couple’s date has become public knowledge in just 24 hours.

According to the outlet, Nick and the mystery lady had an awesome day despite an unexpected bike accident she got herself into. By the looks of it, the incident brought the two even closer after the Scream Queens star assisted her throughout their stroll so as not to put too much pressure on her banged up knee.

Based on a previous report from the outlet, Nick was in Australia with his brother and former bandmate, Joe Jonas, in what appeared to be a leisure trip for the boys as they were also seen rolling some balls in a friendly game of lawn bowling in Sydney.

The 25-year-old Jonas brother even shared a photo of himself late in February about his trip to the Land Down Under.

After a couple of days jamming with his brother, Nick Jonas seemed to be flying solo with a lady who was later identified to be Annalisa Azaredo.

According to Hollywood Life, the Australian brunette is a local who caught the musician’s eye — a far cry from his A-list ex-girlfriends and previously rumored “hook-ups.” Despite this, he appeared to have treated her equally as the outlet revealed that he “took her out on one of the best dates ever,” which involved a bike ride, a lunch date, a stroll on the beach, and enjoying a nightcap together.

Digging a bit deeper into the mystery woman’s identity, the outlet found out that she was a University of Melbourne biomedical sciences student. It also became apparent that she isn’t looking for fame as she reportedly deactivated all her social media accounts after images of her date with Nick Jonas emerged online, even after her Facebook and Instagram pages are already set to private to begin with.

But while the two appeared to be enjoying each other’s company, based on how they stared lovingly at each other following every steamy kiss they shared, an insider told People that Nick and Annalisa are not in a serious relationship.

“It’s just a fling,” an unnamed source told the outlet of Nick Jonas and Annalisa Azaredo’s relationship.