March 2, 2018
'Black Panther': Things To Know About The Jewelry In The Film

Black Panther has grossed $763 million in domestic and foreign sales. The movie features an advanced civilization, amazing fight scenes, great acting, and the special effects. The film's jewelry designer has captured the imagination and interest behind the creations that appeared in the movie.

According to the LA Times, lots of effort and detail went into developing the concepts behind the accessories and jewelry displayed in Black Panther. In addition, no details were left out and everything needed to be unique in highlighting the futuristic world of Wakanda.

"Even the seemingly small details of the armament worn by the Dora Milaje, the king's guards led by Danai Gurira's character Okoye, and the accessories worn by Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett) and other members of the royal court required the big-budget production to turn to someone innovative."

The jewelry designer in question for the Black Panther Douriean Fletcher from L.A. and has been in the business less than 10 years. As the above analysis confirmed, what really helped Fletcher thrive during the production was her personality.

Fletcher's role was not centered on creating jewelry. It also did not revolve around choosing certain materials and metals to use for designs. She would play a pivotal role in developing sections for these inspired costumes and the types of weaponry the characters showcased in the Marvel film.

"One of the major costuming feats Fletcher assisted with was in helping to create the look of the Dora Milaje. The colorful costuming of the women warriors practically jumps off the screen, and although there were specifications in terms of the armored adornments she was asked to make, Fletcher was still able to bring her own flair to it." LA Times wrote.

The movie Black Panther is a critical moment for Fletcher's career. As stated by People, since the start of her journey eight years ago she wanted jewelry to be something more than just shine. She wanted accessories to mean feminity, cultural identity, spirituality, and divine power. In her point of view, it is about not being afraid of letting people know who you are.

"Therefore, as the specialty jeweler costumer on the film, she wanted each design to "play a major role in being able to communicate who the nation of Wakanda is, their culture and their pride simply by the way they adorned themselves," she says, noting that a lot of careful thought and planning went into the looks.

The neckpieces, belts, and anklets were all handmade from scratch. Also, during the filming, she apparently invested lengthy hours and days at a time during a two-week period to put together 11 sets of designs. This was neckpieces, panther buckles, and shoe jewelry.

Her designs and creations were present outside of the film. If you watched the red carpet, the stars Lupita Nyong'o and Angela Bassett were photographed wearing Douriean's accessories.

"They are women that I've always wanted to create for and adorn—and I've been writing about them in my journal for the past four or five years!" she excitedly told People Magazine.