‘Project Runway All Stars’ 2018 Recap: Episode 8 — ‘Mizrahi Madness’

Isaac Mizrahi served as an inspiration for the designers on Project Runway All Stars Season 6, as they had to use certain colors to create party looks. It was not a party for everyone, but who got eliminated on Project Runway All Stars 2018 tonight? Find out the Episode 8 results from tonight below in our Project Runway All Stars spoilers.

Last week on Project Runway All Stars Season 6, the designers had to use space and the Hudson River Museum Planetarium as their inspiration. They had to create a cosmic-themed avant-garde look in two days with a $350 budget. Despite the two days of working time, the designers still struggled to complete their looks. The winning look came from Stanley and the bottom two looks came from Kimberly and Joshua, who had some sass on the runway with the judges. Despite that, he was saved and Kimberly was eliminated.

The Challenge

The designers met Alyssa Milano at the Jewish Museum, as they were honoring Isaac Mizrahi with an exhibition. For this challenge, they will be using Isaac as an inspiration. He gave each designer a color palette to use for the challenge. They had a dominant color to use and had to find a complimentary color to go with it. They had to create a spring party look in one day with a $150 budget.

Make It Work

The designers were all feeling out of their comfort zone because they were all working with colors they wouldn’t normally work with. Before leaving, Isaac talked with Joshua about his meltdown the week before and Joshua seemed to be in a better place. The designers sketched and then headed to Mood to shop for their fabrics and colors. Merline was working on a look with shapes in it, which the judges warned her not to do.

Anne’s Critiques

Anne Fulenwilder came in to check out the looks from the designers on Project Runway All Stars 2018. She told Helen to think about being more overwhelming. Anne told Edmond to make sure the dress is not just short for the sake of being short. For Merline, she was curious as to how this was going to be any different from her look last week. She thought Fabio’s dress was 1950s. For Ken, she felt like he has not put all the money on the table yet. She told Stanley to make sure that pink remained the dominant color. Finally, Anne told Anthony that it is a party look and not a red-carpet look.

Starting From Scratch

After a bad critique from Anne, Merline decided to scrap her look and start over from scratch. However, she was still working on shapes in her dress. Anthony was not happy with his critique either, so he was a little moody. He was thrown by Anne telling him it was not a red carpet. The models came in for their fittings and time was running out. Ken was having a creative block, so he spent the last hour of the day eating chicken and not working, as he said he was tired and drained from the competition.

Stressed-Out Designers

The designers, trying to get their finished looks together, were stressing out. Ken was in a mood, having already finished his dress, although he only used the dominant color and didn’t add his complimentary color. However, he got the inspiration with 10 minutes left and was happy with his final look.

Judges’ Critiques

After watching the runway show, it was time for the judges’ critiques. For tonight, the judges were Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi, and guest judge Carmen Dell’Orefice. The top and bottom looks tonight came from Stanley, Edmond, Merline, Helen, Anthony, and Ken.

  • Helen – Georgina said she did not expect this to come from her, but the color is depressing. Isaac said it is great and loves that it refers to a disco era. Carmen loved the cut-off leg. Alyssa said it fell a little short for her.
  • Anthony – Isaac said he really likes this dress. Alyssa liked the one-shoulder cross in the back. Georgina felt the slit was too big.
  • Ken – Georgina said it is perfection from the front. Isaac said it looks so fresh and wonderful. Carmen said the zipper bothers her in the back.
  • Edmond – Georgina loved the two colors together, but the design part is missing. Isaac said it looks like a pajama party. Alyssa said she loved this dress and gave it a high score.
  • Stanley – Isaac said it is madly interesting and the colors are divine. Carmen said she adores this dress. Georgina said the top part is very photogenic.
  • Merline – Isaac said the yellow is not his favorite. Georgina said she needs to find her fabrics. Alyssa told her to do a collection of origami-inspired dresses.


The judges discussed the top and bottom looks from tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2018. The designers returned to the runway and the winning designer tonight was, once again, Stanley. The bottom two looks came from Merline and Anthony. In the end, it was Merline eliminated tonight.

Project Runway All Stars 2018 airs on Thursday nights at 9/8c on Lifetime.