Simon Saran Seemingly Blames 'Teen Mom OG' Catelynn Lowell For Her Miscarriage, Reports 'In Touch'

Fiona Miller

Fans of Teen Mom OG are already aware that, sadly, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra suffered a miscarriage shortly before the 2017 holidays. In Touch reports that resident troll, Simon Saran, has stated it is partially Catelynn's fault.

The miscarriage prompted Catelynn to not only contemplate suicide, but to check into rehab multiple times. The reality star has already left and re-entered the facility four times, and may be on her way for a fifth stint since just before Thanksgiving.

The reality star was devastated by the loss of her child and was willing to share it on TV. She has also been open about her mental health issues and postpartum depression and anxiety that she has suffered since the birth of her daughter, Novalee.

Catelynn has a mostly supportive fan base, but she has caught some flack for chain smoking while trying to get pregnant. It is also possible she smoked while pregnant, though it is difficult to tell when certain events and scenes were captured. Recently, Farrah Abraham's ex, Simon Saran, took to Twitter to seemingly blame Catelynn for her troubles.

"Ladies, do not chain smoke while you are pregnant. Unfortunate mishaps can happen. These can be prevented with simple steps and a good support system. Don't be afraid to ask for help!"

During Catelynn's absence, her husband, Tyler Baltierra, has struggled with parenting their daughter alone while looking after his father and sister as well. As Teen Mom OG fans know, Tyler's father is a long time drug addict who recently also completed a rehab program himself.