Christopher Walken: ‘The Power Of Few’ And ‘A Late Quartet’

Christopher Walken will be starring in several upcoming movies. The first is The Power of Few, which apparently has Christopher Walken playing a skid row clone of Jesus. Or something like that.

Slash Film says the movie will feature such notables as Christopher Walken, Christian Slater, Anthony Anderson, and Moon Bloodgood in some sort of multi-perspective crime caper. The official The Power of Few website gives more details about the new Christopher Walken movie:

“Spies, cops, holy fools and well-armed children cross paths on a day of danger, mystery and possible transformation. ‘The Power of Few’ unfolds over twenty minutes on one New Orleans afternoon, experienced through the lives of five unusual characters who unknowingly are connected to an extraordinary smuggling operation as religious conspiracy collides with urban crime.”

Even more interesting than how the movie intertwines all these perspectives is how the filming-making process underwent a novel approach. Indiewire adds some weird details:

“To underline the theme of inter-connectedness, during pre-production of The Power of Few, first-time director, Leone Marucci, who also wrote and produced the film, and producer Q’orianka Kilcher designed and implemented a cutting edge interactive campaign, inviting the global audience to help create the film. Online voters determined key costume, location and character decisions while online casting & editing competitions discovered screen talent worldwide (one role went to a girl from Malta without any prior acting experience!).”

Sounds almost like that game where various people create a story by adding details one after the other in turn. Christopher Walken has also apparently been busy working on another movie called A Late Quartet about a string quartet in crisis where he will simulate playing a cello. According to, this was a first for Christopher Walken:

“Learning how to simulate playing a cello — that was to me, scary. When I read the script, I asked myself how I was going to do that. … With me, I never did get the hang of the cello. But there it is, they film it and they put it together so it looks OK.”

What do you think about these new Christopher Walken movies?