Malia Obama Appears Not To Heed Michelle Obama’s Advice, Landing Her On ‘Page Six’ Gossip Column

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Michelle Obama is no different than any other mother sending their son or daughter off to college; they offer plenty of away-from-home advice. When Malia left for college, Michelle Obama offered up one small piece of advice and although small, it was an important piece of advice for someone in Malia’s situation. Malia apparently didn’t follow her mom’s directions and she ended up on Page Six.

According to Page Six, it was during an interview when Michelle Obama divulged how she handed down one piece of advice to her eldest daughter as she headed off to Harvard. The reveal came while Michelle was speaking at the Klick Health’s Muse event. It was at this same event where Michelle “shot down rumors” that she might take a swipe at campaigning for the White House.

So what advice did Michelle offer Malia that she didn’t follow? Michelle told the audience at the Klick Health Muse event that the only piece of advice she gave to Malia on her way out the door to Harvard was don’t end up on Page Six.

The Business Insider reports that Michelle Obama’s one piece of advice for her daughter was avoid being featured on the gossip column Page Six. Considering Page Six is running another article today about the Obamas’ eldest child, it looks as if that mother-daughter advice was not followed.

Barack, Michelle, and Malia Obama
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After Michelle shared this with the crowd, she did acknowledge that her daughter may not have heeded that advice. As the oldest daughter of the previous and popular president, Malia’s life has been documented in detail by various media outlets even before she went to Harvard.

While Malia has appeared in numerous headlines, she has been on Page Six as well. The stories that have run in the media headlines about Malia have been vast. From her party times, to a rather generic walk down a New York street, as even the slightest of movement in public makes Malia news.

From the big move-in day at Harvard to losing her cell phone at Lollapalooza, the stories have covered anything Malia has done that can be captured on camera. After graduating high school, Malia took a year off before attending college.

It appears she used that year to “act like a normal teenager,” suggests Business Insider. It was during that year that she made the headlines quite a bit. Today Malia is reportedly dating one of her Harvard classmates, Rory Farquharson. This has really sparked the interest of all of those who follow the comings and goings of Malia in the headlines.

So it looks as though, through no fault of her own, Malia has been featured on Page Six. Now with the new boyfriend in tow, she will most likely find a place in the headlines again. Maybe even Page Six.