Meghan King Edmonds On Babymoon: Former 'RHOC' Star's Bump Looks Massive At 5 Months Pregnant

Meghan King Edmonds announced that she was just a few weeks along on the reunion special for The Real Housewives of Orange County last year. Meghan and her husband had pursued another round of IVF as they wanted another baby. They had previously revealed that they wanted a boy, so it's surprising that Meghan is now carrying twin boys. Since she went through IVF, she could pick how many eggs she wanted to try with and it sounds like she may have been surprised that she's carrying twins. But the pregnancy was enough for her to leave The Real Housewives of Orange County behind as she wanted to keep her stress levels low during the pregnancy.

After leaving the show, Meghan is focusing on her health and her personal life. She and her husband are building their own house and they recently started construction on the property. Plus, King Edmonds appears to be taking some time to relax before her twins arrive. This week, she's been posting photos of her babymoon. According to a new Instagram post, Meghan King Edmonds is gladly sharing photos of her baby bump. At just five months pregnant, Meghan is already looking eight months along as she's carrying two little boys.

Meghan King Edmonds hasn't shared her due date, but one can imagine that she's excited to welcome her twins in about four months. One can imagine she's very busy, as she's caring for her daughter, who is just over a year old. Little Aspen appears excited to become a big sister. As previously mentioned, Meghan and her husband are also building a house. It's possible that they are building a new home near St. Louis, which is where her husband has ties. Meghan has previously revealed that she wasn't going to be around California and Orange County to star on the show. Now that she will soon be a mother of three, it sounds like she's focusing on building a base away from Orange County.

Meghan King Edmonds is beaming in these new photos from her babymoon. For fans who want to enjoy the pregnancy journey should follow her on Instagram, as she's been sharing fun videos of Aspen and how she's adjusting to her mother's growing belly.