Good Samaritan Took Homeless Man Into McDonald’s To Buy Meal, Employee Called Police And Had Them Kicked Out

Yossi Gallo wanted to do something kind for a homeless man in need of a meal, but instead, the two ended up being escorted out of a McDonald’s by police and the subjects of a video that has quickly gone viral.

Gallo said he came across the homeless man near the fast-food restaurant in Myrtle Beach and decided to invite him in to buy a warm meal. As ABC 7 reported, Gallo said as soon as the two got inside the restaurant, the woman working at the register told them that the homeless man would not be able to get any food.

The employee claimed that the homeless man had been begging several people for food and money, and the restaurant’s staff then called the police.

That is where the viral video of the incident picks up, showing a female police officer speaking to the homeless man and informing him that he would need to leave the McDonald’s and not return. Gallo jumped to the man’s defense, telling the officer that he was not begging for food and that Gallo offered on his own to buy the man a meal.

“He didn’t ask me for food. I saw him across the street and I brought him over here.”

Gallo then began to yell at the restaurant’s staff, and a manager told him to stop. The argument grew heated, with Gallo telling management and the police that they should be ashamed of their actions.

As the argument on, the homeless man began to cry and tried to explain that he did not have any money to buy himself a meal.

The incident quickly went viral, and the video garnered attention at news outlets and across social media. Many commended Gallo for his selfless efforts and for defending the homeless man. The video of the incident posted to Facebook by Gallo has since racked up more than 40 million views in just a few hours, and many people made efforts to reach out to the homeless man to offer whatever form of help they could.

Police later issued a statement noting that an employee at the restaurant had called and noted that the homeless man was begging for money. The employee requested that police issue a trespass warning and ask the man to leave the premises. It does not appear that Yossa Gallo or the homeless man would face any charges.