David Eason Gets Credit For Being A Father Figure For Kaiser Despite Gun Photo Criticism

David Eason was fired from MTV after he was caught making homophobic comments on Twitter and the network moved fast in ending their contract with him. Jenelle Evans wasn’t sure how to handle the situation, so she quickly came to his defense, revealing he had no idea how to use Twitter. For days, Eason was slammed in the media for his comments and he kept a low profile for a few days. Despite not going back on Twitter, David has continued to post photos on Instagram. This week, David posted a photo of Kaiser in their backyard, playing with what looks like a toy rifle.

On Valentine’s Day, David posted a photo of Jenelle Evans with a gun. Fans criticized him for the posting the photo on social media on the same day, where a school shooter decided to kill 17 people at a Florida high school. According to a new Instagram post, David Eason is continuing to share photos of people with guns, this time little Kaiser playing with a toy rifle. Kaiser seems to be beaming with pride as he’s playing in what appears to be the family’s backyard. Surprisingly, fans are being very receptive to the photo now.

Best pals!

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In the photo, David Eason is revealing that Kaiser and their dog are best friends. Many of his followers revealed that it was an adorable photo and that he’s doing a great job being a stepfather for little Kaiser. On Teen Mom 2, Jenelle is often complaining about how she can’t co-parent with Kaiser’s father, Nathan Griffith. Despite some troublesome scenes on Teen Mom 2, many of David’s followers are giving him credit for being a stepfather to him since he doesn’t see his own father every day. Even though the gun photos he has shared have not been widely accepted by the Teen Mom 2 family, it sounds like some people do want to give him credit for being a father to Kaiser.

David Eason is currently not employed with MTV, but it sounds like he and Jenelle Evans will do just fine based on their future plans. Right now, he’s keeping a low profile and just trying to support his family, including Evans as her role with the show is still up in the air.