Angelina Jolie Did Not ‘Hook Up’ With Aniston’s Ex Justin Theroux, Star Not Wasting Away [Debunked]

The rumors regarding Jennifer Aniston and her now-ex Justin Theroux, along with those involving Angelina Jolie and her estranged husband Brad Pitt, just keep getting more and more ridiculous. As if it isn’t enough that tabloids keep insisting that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are set to rekindle their relationship and possibly re-marry, after well over a decade apart, now new claims are being made that Jolie is getting revenge on both by hooking up with Jen’s estranged husband, Justin.

Rumors about Justin and Angelina meeting up and forming an “alliance” have been perpetuated by New Idea, which claims that they were “spotted dining together” at a restaurant on Long Island, where they were “sharing a table in a dimly lit corner for close to three hours” and “talking intensely.” The tabloid then went on to describe how Theroux and Jolie were “leaning over and speaking in hushed tones as stunned onlookers watched intently.”

The gossip site has shared accounts from supposed onlookers at the restaurant and claims that the story is the truth.

“We couldn’t believe it when Angelina Jolie walked in. When Justin Theroux arrived 15 minutes later and sat with her, we were dumbstruck,” the insider claims.

The insider then insists that the pair “hugged warmly when they saw each other” but were “all business after that, with Ange jotting down notes.”

Initially, as Gossip Cop points out, the magazine indicated that what Angelina and Justin were discussing was unknown and then purports toward the end of the story that the stars were meeting up so Jolie could get the dirt on what Theroux knows about the supposed romance between their exes.

The gossip policing site also notes that the images of Theroux used in the article were actually taken of the star in 2014. The story is clearly a fabrication about the two, just like so many others that are swirling about this particular foursome. Angelina Jolie is no stranger to such claims.

Ever since the director and humanitarian announced she was divorcing Brad Pitt over a year ago, the tabloids have continually pumped out stories about her love life and her appearance. The main focus seems to be on Jolie’s weight, and claims have once again been recently made that the beauty is struggling with an eating disorder due to the stress brought on by the divorce.

NW (via Gossip Cop) has claimed that Jolie is surviving on just three hours of sleep and hardly any food. This too is not true, as the star’s weight is no different than it was prior to her split from Brad Pitt.

Gossip Cop chatted with a reliable source and determined that “[Angelina’s] not sleep-deprived or starving herself. It’s inherently stressful going through a divorce and custody negotiations, but the magazine’s assertion that Jolie isn’t eating or sleeping simply isn’t true.”