Sandy Hook Promise Calls For A ‘National Conversation’ On Gun Control And Other Issues

A new Sandy Hook group called Sandy Hook Promise is calling for a “national conversation” on gun control, school safety, and mental health.

According to Huffington Post, Sandy Hook Promise was launched a month after the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School to honor the lives that were lost. The new group is committed to preventing similar tragedies from ever taking place again.

Sandy Hook Promise called for the “national conversation” at a press conference that was full of raw emotion; however, they were pretty vague with the details.

Tim Makris, one of the 17 co-founders of Sandy Hook Promise, said:

“We do not have any views at this moment. There’s going to become a moment in time when we’re going to take those positions.”

Nicole Hockley, mother of 6-year-old victim Dylan, said:

“I do not want to be someone sharing my experience and consoling another parent next time. I do not want there to be a next time.”

According to NBC News, Hockley was joined by the parents of three other victims of the Newtown massacre. They spoke about their personal loss and their hope to prevent more mass shootings.

Hockley and the other parents said that they have yet to come up with any concrete solutions, but they urge people across the nation to make the group’s “promise” to talk about how to make the communities safer.

Jeremy Richman, father of 6-year-old victim Avielle, said:

It is our responsibility to be outraged. It is our responsibility to take action.”

Do you think that Sandy Hook Promise has the right idea with asking for a “national conversation” about gun control?