Missing Baby Not Reported For 18 Months Found Dead Behind Home

Florida — On Wednesday night, child protection investigators responded to a neglect case at a Florida home, and found only two of the three children that were supposed to be there.

Hallandale Beach Police officials soon learned that the missing child was 23-month-old Dontrell Melvin, who had not been seen in 18 months. Worse, not one has been looking for him. His father originally stated that he’d left Dontrell with his grandparents. Later, he changed his mind and asserted he’d left the baby at a local fire station, a “Safe Haven” drop.

Dontrell’s mother said she didn’t know where the baby was, that the baby’s father hadn’t let her see the baby in over a year.

On Friday, police announced that the remains of little Dontrell were found behind a home where the family used to reside. While neither parents has admitted to any misconduct, both have suggested that the other parent is responsible. They both suggest that Dontrell’s body would be found in the backyard of their previous home.

Dontrell was five months old when he disappeared.

The baby was found missing when a child protection investigator found only two of the couple's three children at home.

The baby’s parents, Calvin Melvin, Jr, 27, and Brittney Sierra, 21, are being held by authorities.

“The allegations are extremely serious,” Judge Geoffrey Cohen said.

The couple was arrested Friday, and each suggested their son could be found in an area behind the Hallandale Beach home they previously lived in.

“Their conspiracy to hide the whereabouts of the child after the child was missing is apparent, that’s what we know,” Flournoy said. “Prior to the disappearance, that’s what we’re not sure of.”

In the year and a half since Melvin reportedly left the house with the baby and returned without him, Dontrell’s mother said she believed her son was with his grandparents.

“We can’t get over that fact either,” said Major Thomas Honan.

Brittney Sierra had allegedly called authorities in October of 2012, claiming that Melvin had not allowed her to see Dontrell for over a year.