LG Android Wear Watch, Two New Phone Models Launched In A Private Event At MWC

Asus, Sony, and Samsung may have hoarded the spotlight in this year’s Mobile World Congress, but reports reveal that LG has been busy with a private viewing for two Android devices and an Android watch.

The company seems to have several gadgets to showcase for a select audience.


There were a lot of rumors surrounding LG including their plans to scrap off the G-Series, the last of which was the LG G6. There have been teasers on the device LG has been working on. Apparently, the newly released gadget seems like the next gadget after the release of LG G6.

VentureBeat reported that the LG G7 Neo is the new flagship. Even Evan Blass who is known for providing various leaks on the latest gadgets confirmed that this device is the one which is scheduled to launch later in the year. The said device matches the rumored specs of the Judy phone from LG although it has an OLED screen, not an MLCD.

What makes the Neo so confidential is the fact that it closely resembles the iPhone X. There have also been rumors that LG employees have been complaining about the device because it is a copycat of Apple latest iPhone model. While there has been much attention on the G7, two other Android phones reportedly had a private viewing during the event.

Secret Launch For Additional Android Handsets

LG has been secretive in launching the Q7 and the V35. LG Q7 is the next in line in the company’s budget-friendly devices. Following the legacy of the 5.5-inch Q6. There are no known details about the device yet but the Q6 happens to be a compact smartphone, and the company might follow the same trend for their new model.

The same goes for the LG V35 which following V30. V30’s claim to fame is being the lightest 6-inch smartphone. The company rolled out the V30 Thin Q which is not just the lightest but also the thinnest device in the same category. In the newest release, RAM saw an additional 2GB upgrade from 4GB to 6GB. The device also features LG’s take on the AI market since the handset has a smarter Vision AI and the spoken commands have also seen some improvements.

LG Android Wear

LG may have been struggling with Android devices, but it never abandoned the Android Wear although other companies decided to abandon the market. Last year, the company released the Watch Style and the Watch Sport through a collaboration with Google. This year, LG decided to upgrade the features of its Android West although there isn’t much information on the improvements or if the company pursued another collaboration with the search engine company.

While details were scarce on the LG Android Wear watch, the Q7 and the V35 smartphone, it seems like the public has much to look forward to from this South Korean company.