'Death Wish' After-Credits Scene: Find Out If There Is A Hint Of A Sequel Hidden At The End

Death Wish is reviving a popular action franchise, and fans heading out to see it will want to know if there is an after-credits scene that might give them a glimpse of a sequel to the Bruce Willis thriller.

For those who are not up today on movie trends (or those who have never been patient enough to wait through all the credits at the end of a movie), the after-credits scene is one that plays at the very end of the movie, after several minutes of credits have rolled. It is especially popular in film series, where it is used to introduce a new character or plot line that will be picked up in a subsequent sequel.

Because Death Wish picks up the Charles Bronson series that saw several entries in the 1970s, many fans are hoping that the newest Death Wish will have an after-credits scene that shows them the future of the series.

So, is there an after-credits scene in Death Wish?

It appears the answer is no --- but that doesn't mean it is free of hints about a sequel. The site AfterCredits, which tracks new movies and whether they have a final scene, noted that there is nothing extra either during or after the credits in Death Wish.

There could be strong signs that the movie will be the start of a new franchise, however. Nearly every successful action movie in the past decade has been stretched into a series, and the lasting star power of Bruce Willis makes it an even stronger possibility.

Death Wish could be headed to a good box office haul, as well. MovieWeb predicted that it will have a strong opening even opposite the powerhouse Black Panther, and is tracking for a $20 million opening weekend. While there is no solid indication yet of whether there will be a sequel, all the elements would seem to be in place for it.

While there may be no actual glimpse of a sequel, there is at least one small advantage to the lack of an after-credits scene in Death Wish --- moviegoers will get an early jump for the exits once the credits start to roll.