Jenelle Evans Says ‘Teen Mom 2’ Should Not Be Used As Evidence: Is She Worried About Court Cases?

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Jenelle Evans has been on Teen Mom 2 for seven years and she’s shared many things on the show, including her custody case with her mother over Jace, her marriage to David Eason, and her history with drugs. Over the years, Jenelle has been very open and honest about her struggles, but she did want to keep some issues to herself as she didn’t want to include the world in her addiction to heroin. She lied about why she was in the hospital, but the truth was eventually revealed. However, just because Evans is on the hit show and has shared many things with the world, she doesn’t believe that things should be used as evidence against her.

For example, Jenelle doesn’t like how fans are using things from the show against her. She could be referring to custody issues in regards to Barbara, but it could also refer to issues of abuse, as her husband has been accused of abusing his kids because of scenes that were captured by MTV. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that fans shouldn’t think that footage from Teen Mom 2 can be used as evidence against her. Perhaps people think that she should lose custody of her kids because of what people see on the show. Starcasm reveals that her job with MTV may be safe for now.

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During a recent interview, Jenelle Evans revealed that people had called Child Protective Services for no reason and that she has been cleared in every case. Some people just want to hurt her by targeting her children. She could be worried about people using the footage against her in court to prove that she’s an unfit mother. However, it makes sense that fans can’t use evidence against her, as MTV has been accused of editing content. Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, and Chelsea DeBoer have all made comments about how they don’t necessarily enjoy how the producers have edited the footage together. They claim that producers try to make things more dramatic than they are.

Jenelle Evans is currently on standby as MTV is trying to figure out what to do with her role on the show. Her husband, David Eason, has been dropped by MTV after making homophobic comments, but the network has not cut ties with Evans at the moment. There are six weeks left of production and producers may be cutting her season short for now as they contemplate on what to do.