Texas Bus Driver Fired For Allegedly Lighting Crack Pipe While On The Job With Senior Citizen Agency

A Texas bus driver has been fired, and he will almost certainly be hearing from the police, after he was caught on video allegedly lighting a crack pipe while on the job, KXAN-TV (Austin) is reporting.

Video of the alleged incident began making the rounds on social media Tuesday night. According to a video of the event, which will be embedded in this article a few paragraphs below, it appears as if a passerby on the ground noticed the unidentified driver appearing to light a crack pipe while stopped at an intersection in suburban Austin.

As the bus is stopped at a stoplight, the driver, whose name has not been released as of this writing, can allegedly be seen using a break in the action to pull out a crack pipe and then light it with a lighter. When the light turns green, the driver — who can be seen making eye contact with the videographer and smiling before driving off — speeds away.

The driver was driving a bus for AGE of Central Texas, an agency that provides adult day care to senior citizens. It is not clear if the driver had just taken any clients anywhere or perhaps was on his way to pick up a client. No passengers were on board the bus at the time of the alleged incident.

Rob Faubion, the director of marketing and communications for AGE of Central Texas, says that the driver was fired immediately once his actions became public.

“This was an isolated event by a single individual and the incident in no way reflects our mission and our value of AGE of Central Texas.”

According to Faubion, the bus driver’s job would have been to drive seniors to and from the agency’s adult day care center and to perform other duties with the seniors as assigned. Like all agency employees, the driver would have had to undergo a background check to determine if he had had any criminal convictions or allegations of abuse or neglect. It appears he passed the background check. It is not clear, as of this writing, if the driver would have been required to undergo a pre-employment or random drug screen.

In addition to losing his job, the driver will also likely be hearing from the Round Rock police. Video of the incident has been forwarded to the police, and as of this writing, they are said to be investigating the incident.

Faubion says that this is the first time something like this has happened in his 33-year career of working with senior citizens.