Jenelle Evans Cuts Ties With Companies Posting False Articles: Could It Be Due To Personal Backlash?

Jenelle Evans may be rethinking her business decisions these days, as her role with MTV may be up in the air. David Eason was recently fired for making homophobic comments on Twitter. MTV released a statement, saying that they would not be continuing their work with him. Evans came to his defense, revealing that he didn't know what he was doing and wanted people to forgive him. While MTV cut ties with David, the network didn't reveal what their plans were with Jenelle. Evans has focused on her own business ventures over the past couple of years and it sounds like she's digging into more financial ventures, as her paycheck from MTV could be up in the air.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she's ending one working relationship. Despite making money from her followers, she's done sharing negative articles on her Twitter and Facebook pages. Over the past couple of months, Jenelle has allowed companies to post articles on her social media profiles, articles that are primarily about her Teen Mom 2 co-stars. But since she filed a cease-and-desist against her co-stars, it sounds like she may want to avoid any legal troubles as she's been sharing unflattering articles about her co-stars.

"No more fake articles will be posted to my Instagram and/or Facebook fan page. I do not approve of their content any longer. So much negativity about everyone," Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter.

It is possible that Evans is cutting ties with these companies because she's digging herself into a legal hole. Since she filed cease-and-desist orders against her Teen Mom 2 co-stars, it sounds like she could be facing legal troubles herself as she has shared content about her co-stars. Jenelle wasn't happy about what her co-stars were saying about her and her private life, but it can't be good for her to share these negative stories. It's possible she's ending the working relationship because of the possible backlash she is facing from these articles, but she says that she doesn't want to focus on the negativity in her life. It's possible that the Teen mom 2 work with MTV could be influencing her decision.

Jenelle Evans is currently keeping a low profile in North Carolina, as she awaits a verdict on her Teen Mom 2 job.