Cardi B Slams President Trump! ‘This Man Is Really Out Of His Mind’

It’s safe to say that Cardi B isn’t a fan of President Donald Trump. The singer spoke out against Trump’s proposal to stop gun-related violence in school – especially the part about arming teachers – following the heartbreaking shooting in Parkland, Florida. The rapper’s comments join a chorus of celebrities who have slammed Trump’s gun plans in recent weeks.

According to People, Cardi B blasted Trump on Instagram for demanding that teachers pick up the slack and protect students when most of them are not adequately paid.

In one post, which included a meme of Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James, the rapper explained: “Y’all want [a] teacher to effectively prepare our youth, carry straps, and bust back at school shooters but at the same time only pay them $40,000 a year. This man really out of his mind. America must be entertainment to other countries.”

Cardi B added that another problem is that agencies only installed metal detectors in poor neighborhoods across the country. She advocated that law enforcement place detectors in every school, regardless of the location, and that they do daily searches for weapons.

Other Hollywood stars have also spoken out against Trump’s plan to arm teachers. This includes Stephen Colbert, who slammed the president on his late-night show, and Samuel L. Jackson, who pleaded with experts to inform Trump why his plan to put more guns in school isn’t a good idea.

Trump has not responded to Cardi B’s comments, but says he remains open to enacting some kind of gun legislation this year.

While Cardi B is clearly passionate about gun violence, it isn’t the only issues she’s taking on in full force. In an interview for the April cover of Cosmopolitan, Cardi B opened up about her past job as a stripper and said she hopes people will start respecting strippers in light of her own rise to fame.

The rapper also slammed people who judge women who strip and assured everyone that most strippers are smart.

Before becoming a rapper, Cardi B stripped in New York City starting at the tender age of 19. She made enough money pole dancing to make a living on her own and soon got out of an abusive relationship with her boyfriend.

As a stripper, Cardi B also generated a huge following on social media. When her videos started to become more popular, Cardi B was able to quit stripping and focus on her new career.

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Although Cardi B enjoyed a successful 2017, she recently battled rumors that her fiancé, Offset, had an affair. In light of all the rumors, the rapper revealed that she and Offset are working out their problems privately and that she has no plans on leaving him. While she admitted that his actions were wrong, she also explained that she isn’t an angel herself.

Cardi B’s Cosmopolitan cover is set to hit stands on March 6.