Eyes Are On Joy Behar After Oprah ‘Waiting For God’ To Talk — Will Behar Quip ‘Mental Illness’ Like Pence?

The hosts of Fox & Friends are among many who are waiting to see if The View’s Joy Behar will comment after Oprah recently made a similar comment about her faith in God that Mike Pence reportedly did. When The View discussed Pence’s belief, this conjured demeaning words from Behar. Oprah, who is loved by many people across the world, made a comment about running for president after the buzz escalated around her making a run for the Oval Office and her words were similar to those attributed to Mike Pence.

Oprah told her fans that she would need God to actually tell her to run for president for her to do this. It would have to come in a sign that was so blatant, there would be no mistaking what God wanted her to do. MRC TV asks the same question as many are asking today. “Oprah says she talks with God, so will Joy Behar call her crazy?”

As reported in a previous Inquisitr article, Mike Pence and his comments on God seemed to fuel quips coming from Joy Behar and co-host Sunny Hostin on The View. Since this incident, ABC has received more than 30,000 angry phone calls from viewers who were furious over what was said about Pence. The advertisers that pay for commercial time during The View received more than 6,000 calls from angry fans of the show.

According to an article from Fox News a few weeks back, Behar and Hostin “took a shot at Pence’s Christian faith,” by mocking the Vice President’s words about talking to Jesus.

They were talking about something Omarosa had said after her exit from the White House. The incident on The View started with Hostin saying how it was “interesting” to hear Omarosa say that Pence talks to Jesus and he believes that Jesus tells him things.

Hostin, who admits she is a “faithful Catholic,” also said she doesn’t want her vice president “speaking in tongues.” Joy Behar followed with the comment, “It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you… that’s called mental illness.”

According to the Daily Caller, Behar actually “walked back” her spew on Pence after the uproar ensued. She said it was nothing but a joke and then she went on to claim that comedians are in danger these days.

Now that it has been “a solid two weeks” since Joy’s words on Pence have fueled an outrage, all eyes are on her to see if she’ll assign the same type of comment to Oprah who is talking to God when it comes to a run for the White House. While Oprah first said this in an interview with 60 Minutes two weeks ago, it wasn’t until People Magazine came out this week with Oprah saying the same thing again that people ran with it.

Fox & Friends talked about the double standards of “talking to God” on their show this morning. A clip of that show is seen below in the Facebook post.

Behar, who is described by MRC TV as “perhaps best known for talking a lot without actually saying anything, openly dubbed Pence’s Christian faith a ‘mental illness’ on February 13’s episode of The View.”

So it has actually been two weeks since Oprah shared how she talks to God and Behar, along with her co-host Hostin, have remained mum over this. They have not mentioned anything about Oprah revealing her religious beliefs, which appear similar to Pence’s beliefs as far as talking to the supreme being above.

As MRC TV suggests, they are not holding their breath waiting for the same type of “mental illness” quip to be aimed at Oprah. What everyone is waiting for is for Behar to address this — why is Mike Pence any different than Oprah when it comes to their religious beliefs of God talking to them?