Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle: Their Major Similarities And Differences And What Each Brings To The Royals

Kate Middleton has made her transition into royal life quite seamlessly despite a few initial bumps. The soon-to-be mother of three has endured criticism early on in her days as the Duchess of Cambridge, but she has succeeded in winning over royal enthusiasts due to her continual efforts on various causes and her endearing disposition at royal engagements. Kate’s fashion sense is always on point and admired, which also has bring more praise for the royal.

Since Prince Harry announced his engagement to Suits star Meghan Markle, the actress has gained much more favor than she had in her early days on the arm of the prince. Initially, many were critical of Markle, yet the star has proven she has what it takes to transition from a life in entertainment to a life as a royal. Markle’s fashion sense has also been admired as of late. The beauty had initially selected more trendy and edgy fashions, yet since her engagement to Prince Harry, Markle’s attire has taken on more of a regal appeal while maintaining a unique edginess.

It’s clear that both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton do have quite a bit in common. The two are from common upbringings and were not born as royals. Each has endured harsh criticism in the early stages of their relationships with the princes, as well, which unites the future sisters-in-law.

Marie Claire has pointed out the obvious differences between Kate and Meghan when it comes to the women’s choice of fashion. The outlet also suggests reasons for their attire selections, which were made clear when Meghan and Kate appeared side by side at the Royal Foundation Forum this week.

“Markle clearly takes a much more modern approach to her dressing, while Middleton has chosen more conservative fashion choices as of late. This likely has to do with the fact that Middleton is currently pregnant with her third child and Markle has yet to officially become royalty.”

Markle also impressed with her style selection earlier this month when the star stepped out in a pantsuit to a gala at which Middleton donned a billowing and gorgeous floor-length gown.

One other major difference that is clear in regards to Markle and Middleton’s background is the fact that Markle has been married once before, while Middleton had not. It has also served as a benefit to Meghan that she has been accustomed to being in the spotlight for years, as a known actress and humanitarian, ahead of being thrown into the royal spotlight, while Kate was a novice in the beginning of her time on the arm of Prince William.

Despite their differences, the women have reportedly become quite close over the past few months due to their similarities and have been offering one another support throughout these exciting times, as Travel and Leisure relays.

“Kate and Meghan have taken a liking to one another, often popping by each other’s residences in Kensington to share a spot of tea and have a chat. Kate’s advice to Meghan reportedly often revolves around how to live life as a royal.”

These exciting upcoming months have royal watchers in a frenzy as they await the birth of the third child of Prince William and Duchess Kate and keep up to speed on all of the wedding details and talk about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal May wedding.