Florida Woman Beats Up Her Boyfriend After He ‘Interrupted Sex To Check On Dinner,’ Gets Arrested By Police

A woman from Florida is currently behind bars and facing battery charges after allegedly beating up her boyfriend who interrupted their sex to check on dinner.

On Sunday, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office arrested 51-year-old Teresa Warren after deputies received a call reporting a domestic disturbance at her residence.

Officers revealed that the suspect was found at the Paisley Mart, while her boyfriend was still at their house on Pink Panther Road.

When asked about the incident, Warren reportedly told officers that she and her boyfriend were “drinking alcohol and having a good time.” However, their fun moment took a different turn when he allegedly punched her with a closed fist.

Warren even showed the officers a red mark on her left cheek to prove her claims, Daily Mail reported.

She added that she lost consciousness because of the attack and when she woke up, she managed to run outside and drove her boyfriend’s car to the convenience store.

But her boyfriend, whose name has been withheld, had a different story. He claimed that he was the real victim and not his violent girlfriend.

According to him, they were actually “drinking alcohol, cooking, watching the Nascar race, and having a good time.” However, as soon as they started having sex, he remembered he was cooking their meal in the kitchen.

Worried that it might get burnt, he interrupted their sex and checked on the food. Unfortunately, that didn’t sit well with Warren.

According to WTF Florida, she was not happy that their steamy moment had been cut short. Apparently, Warren was so pissed that she smashed a TV on the floor. Her boyfriend then asked her what was wrong but instead of getting an answer, he was allegedly assaulted.

The angry woman reportedly began “striking him with a closed fist in his face, head, stomach, and legs.” He then managed to push her out of the front door and told her to leave.

But instead of leaving, Warren allegedly charged at him again. That was when he tried to block her out using his hand, which he claims created the red mark on her cheek.

The boyfriend was left with a swollen left eye and a mark on his stomach.

Meanwhile, authorities determined that Warren was the primary aggressor and she was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge. She currently remains at the Lake County Jail with a bond set at $2,000.