‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: JaSam Confess True Feelings When Earthquake Traps Them, Love In Life & Death

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sam (Kelly Monaco) has been holding on to a secret, one that might change the course of her life. GH fans have been waiting for the act of God to strike Port Charles as promised for the February sweeps period, and it seems that the earthquake will bring about more than a disaster. General Hospital spoilers state that the natural disaster storyline will kick off on Friday, March 2. Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that when Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam are trapped together, they will believe that death is near and reveal their innermost feelings to each other.

GH viewers have been commenting on forums about Jason’s inability to refuse Sam anything. It seems as if he would hand her his own life on a platter if she so desires. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Stone Cold does indeed jeopardize his own life when he tries to rescue Sam when the earthquake hits, and both of them get trapped in the rubble. SheKnows Soaps states that the two will come face-to-face, and it seems as if being thrust in a life and death situation will force both of them to confront the emotions they have tried to bury since Jason came back from the dead.

The natural disaster storyline will take place over at least a week, and the former marrieds will have plenty of time to make sense of their relationship. When Jason returned, Sam was and still is in love with her husband, Drew (Billy Miller). However, that doesn’t mean that her feelings and memories with Jason were obliterated. In their moment of crisis, “JaSam” will turn to each other and confess their true feelings, according to spoilers. General Hospital viewers who are fans of a “JaSam” reunion will reportedly be in ecstasy at what goes down between them, reports CDL.

Of course, “Dream” fans need not fear as it is very unlikely that Sam will leave Drew at this point. However, General Hospital spoilers via Celeb Dirty Laundry tease that Jason and Sam will have a “hot encounter.” The last time “JaSam” fans witnessed an intimate moment between the two was on New Year’s Eve when they shared a kiss. It seems as if spoilers hint that General Hospital’s most gut-wrenching love triangle is about to step up a notch as feelings may now be acknowledged.