‘This Is Us’: Sterling K. Brown Doesn’t Like How Future Randall Looks, Teases More Flash-Forwards For Season 3

This Is Us will go back to the future. Earlier this season, the hit NBC drama gave viewers a sneak peek at an older Randall Pearson with a scene set in the future, but now series star Sterling K. Brown admits he didn’t like what he saw.

“I was mad,” Brown told Us Weekly of his first reaction to the older version of his character Randall.

“He’s fat. It really annoyed the bejesus out of me. His big fat round face and I’ll tell you, like more than anything it motivated … I think I went to the gym after I had to take this stuff off. I was like, ‘This will not happen.’”

Brown added that a lot of fans have come up to him since the scene aired during the “Super Bowl Sunday” episode to tell him they think Randall looks “pretty good” for an old man. But Brown doesn’t love what his future holds—or the amount of time he had to spend in the makeup chair to achieve “the ultimate version” of Randall’s 50-something look.

“I think I sat in the chair four times before we actually got it the way in which they wanted to have it,” Sterling told Us. “And [I have a] newfound empathy for my dear mother, Ms. Mandy Moore.”

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While Sterling K. Brown doesn’t particularly like “old” Randall’s appearance, he does like the flash forward timeline This Is Us showrunner Dan Fogelman has incorporated into the show. The scene—where viewers learned that a little boy (Jonny Berryman) previously shown wasn’t another foster child for Randall and Beth but was instead part of a future storyline featuring an older Randall and his social worker daughter Tess—won’t be the last time This Is Us jumps to the future. Brown recently told Bustle that This Is Us fans can expect to see a little more of the future this season, and even more when Season 3 picks up this fall.

“You may see a little bit more this season — not a lot, but a little,” Brown told Bustle. “But going into Season 3, it’ll be something that we explore a bit more.”

Sterling K. Brown did not confirm if This Is Us fans will ever get to see an older Kate (Chrissy Metz) or an older Kevin (Justin Hartley) in future-set episodes, but he did tell Bustle“maybe” that could happen.

Earlier in the season, Sterling K. Brown’s This Is Us character revealed that he couldn’t picture himself outliving his dad Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), who died from a heart attack when he was in his early 50s. Thanks to the flash forward, viewers now know that Randall lives long enough to see his oldest daughter into adulthood.

As for a photo Sterling K. Brown recently posted of older Randall standing in a hospital room, the actor assured fans that it was not foreshadowing a tragic ending for his character’s wife, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson). Instead, Sterling explained that the photo was taken on the same day This Is Us producers were shooting hospital scenes for the Super Bowl episode.

“The only reason the picture was taken in a hospital was for that reason, so no one needs to worry about Beth,” Brown told Bustle. “I think Beth and Randall are together for the long haul.”

You can see future Sterling K. Brown as Randall Pearson with his adult daughter Tess (Iantha Richards) in the video below.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.