Sixth 'Die Hard' Movie Still Happening, Bruce Willis Confirms The Return Of John McClane

The fifth Die Hard film, A Good Day to Die Hard, definitely left a bad taste in people's mouths as evident in the movie's spectacularly negative reviews after it came out in 2013. However, Bruce Willis is apparently still hopeful that they would be able to redeem the franchise with a properly executed sixth installment. During an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the 62-year-old actor confirmed on air that the movie was definitely still happening. Willis even revealed during the interview that he was in the process of going to California to check out the script for the upcoming film.

Even before the release of the last installment in the action film series, production for a sixth film has been in the works. Unfortunately, due to the negative reviews and poor performance of the four sequels, production for the sixth Die Hard film has remained in limbo. In 2015, Live Free or Die Hard director, Len Wiseman, posted on social media the possible title for the next movie, which will apparently be titled Die Hard: Year One.

According to a report from Screen Rant, the upcoming movie will likely be produced as a prequel and a sequel at the same time, jumping from scenes from McClane's past and his present situation. The movie will reportedly feature a present-day McClane working on a case that is related to when he first became a detective for the New York Police Department in the 1970s.

Casting for the movie hasn't yet been revealed, including who would be playing the young McClane. Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who played Lucy Gennero-McClane in the previous movies, has expressed her interest in reprising her role.
News about the next Die Hard movie has been quite scarce since the failure of the sequels, which means that Willis' recent confirmation regarding the next installment is quite a big deal. The first movie was an immense success and was even dubbed as the best action and Christmas-themed film ever made. The franchise itself also launched Willis' career in Hollywood and a sixth movie that will provide a proper end to the franchise will definitely be welcomed by fans worldwide.