Jeremy Vuolo Hustles As Jinger Duggar Enters 20th Week Of Pregnancy

With the arrival of Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s first baby, all eyes are on Jinger Duggar. She just passed the halfway mark on her first pregnancy and have been boasting a modest bump that is now growing pretty large. To make sure that he is prepared for the arrival of his first child, Jeremy Vuolo is working hard as a pastor, traveling all across the country to make his work known.

While the Duggar family is devoutly Christian, Jinger Duggar is the only daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who married an actual pastor. After the wedding, she moved to Laredo, Texas, where her husband is in charge of a small, but thriving church. An offshoot of a mega-church in southern California, Grace Community Church Laredo may be small now but is growing every day.

To make sure that people know his work as a preacher, the 30-year-old former professional soccer play travels all over the country giving talks, participating in Bible conferences and more. This past week, he went to Katy, Texas, to give a sermon to young people of the town.

The fans showed their massive support for the father-to-be on Instagram.

“Looks so nice!” a fan exclaimed. “[Jeremy] we’d love to have you speak at our church sometime!”

“Youth conferences are always my favorite,” another commented. “Making a difference in young lives!”

Others gave words of encouragement that revealed that Jinger and Jeremy are one of their favorite Duggar couples.

“Your fans look up to you guys and many of us are hungry for spiritual leadership,” one fan wrote. “We definitely love receiving baby bump updates but also, I’m so proud of you guys for also using social media to MINISTER to us, THESE are the types of Instagram posts that will benefit us the most, would love to see the WHOLE “what it means to be a Christian” sermon. God bless you guys, keep it up! And thank you!”

Some even said that they should ditch the rest of the Duggars and start their own reality TV show.

“Can you please do a spin-off of just Jinger and Jeremy?” A fan asked.

The couple was featured in the second episode of Counting On, which premiered on February 26, 2018. They were seen buying and moving into their own house in Texas.

With Jinger now 20 weeks pregnant, the fans are tracking the growth of her baby bump with some trepidation. One fan even suggested a gestational issue.

Update on Baby Vuolo ????????

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“I love the Duggars, but could it be possible all the girls have gestational diabetes when they are pregnant? They all have really big babies,” one fan commented underneath the announcement of Joy and Austin’s baby. “Most of them weren’t that big. I know Message was the biggest baby Michelle gave birth to, I just was thinking and didn’t know if something might have been said on a show and I missed it.”

The family has not made any announcement of such health complications.

The 24-year-old Duggar has been noted for having her bump sit high on her stomach.