‘My 600 Lb. Life’ Update: Robert Buchel Dies At Age Of 41

Tonight on a new episode of My 600 Lb. Life, everyone was shocked to see that instead of losing weight, Robert Buchel passed away from a heart attack back in November. Reality Blurb shared the details about what happened to Robert and what went down on the new episode tonight.

It was revealed tonight that Robert lost his life at the age of 41. Fans have been watching him try to lose the weight, but he ended up having a heart attack. The heart attack actually happened during the filming of the show and he died on November 15, 2017. They tried to revive him for three hours but were unable to do so. Somehow, they were able to keep this quiet until the show aired tonight.

Robert weighed 842 lbs. when he appeared on the show. He was one of the largest people to ever be featured. He was very determined to lose the extra weight and get his body back in shape, but sadly, it didn’t happen. He was surrounded by loved ones at the time of his death.

His weight wasn’t the only battle he faced. Robert also used a lot of painkillers and had to get them out of his system before starting to focus on his weight loss. He was also suffering from stomach ulcers.

Robert Buchel had been doing a great job with the help of the doctors from My 600 Lb Life and had already lost over 200 lbs. He was down to 502 lbs. after working hard for five months. He was still unable to have weight loss surgery due to the painkillers that were still in his system. This was a huge amount of weight to lose in just five short months.

His fiance and partner of 14 years, Kathryn Lemanski, talked in a tribute about how they had big plans for a wedding at Disney World and wanted to start a family together. She wishes she would have had the chance to have more time with him and feels like 14 years just wasn’t enough.

The fans are shocked to hear that Robert Buchel has passed away. He will be greatly missed and hopefully, the show My 600 Lb. Life can continue to save people and not have any more losses.