No, Walt Disney World Is Not Closing The Haunted Mansion And Replacing It With A ‘Coco’ Attraction [Hoax]

Danny Cox

The internet is full of rumors, speculation, and even a lot of stories that are just absolutely made up without any backing at all. There are some that come up with information and put it out there for the world to see and say they were “right” if something happens even 10 years down the line. Well, this one may be hard to believe and it really should be because there is absolutely no current truth to Walt Disney World replacing the Haunted Mansion for a Coco attraction in Magic Kingdom.

A few weeks ago, there was a rumor going wild in the online Disney community that It’s A Small World was being replaced with a Tangled ride. When that report first started making the rounds, the rumor starter said more info would be released “next week,” but that information never came.

Now, a website called Viral Disney is passing around a rumor that the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World is closing in favor of a Coco attraction. Actually, they aren’t calling it a rumor at all, but they’re saying that it is “breaking news” and definitely going to happen.

Apparently, there are even going to be “construction photos” soon, but don’t sit around and wait for it as Disney has no plans for this to happen.

walt disney world hoax rumors coco haunted mansion closing
Featured image credit: Pixar-Disney

According to the report, the Haunted Mansion will be closing soon to accommodate a Coco overlay. This is said to be much like the Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland which receives an overlay of The Nightmare Before Christmas each year for Halloween and Christmas.

Now, one thing that is true is that “many visitors have wished for years” to see the same NBC overlay in Walt Disney World. That is accurate, but the report also states that “surveys have come back that the movie is just too dated,” and there are no surveys of any kind to be found anywhere regarding this information.

The report states doing an overlay of Coco in the Haunted Mansion is something that Disney really wants to do to “capture more ethnicity” in Magic Kingdom. Construction photos are promised to come later, but there is no scheduled closure currently set for Haunted Mansion at all.

According to the official website of Walt Disney World, there are scheduled operating hours for Haunted Mansion all the way through Aug. 27, 2018. The only reason the schedule doesn’t go out further is due to Disney never releasing times more than six months out at a time.

walt disney world hoax rumors coco haunted mansion closing
Featured image credit: Danny Cox

There were rumors that Coco was actually going to overtake the Gran Fiesta Tour in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot as detailed in the WDW Magic forums. Those rumors have been swirling for almost two years now, but those may also now be out the window as well.

A report from Variety states that Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger recently said they are proud of Coco and its accomplishments, but he’s “not sure that’s necessarily a franchise.” That doesn’t come across as talk of a film that will get its own attraction anywhere.

Now, anything is possible to happen in the future and there is always the chance that a Coco attraction could become a real thing in the future. For now, there is nothing to say that it will be happening anytime soon and there is most certainly no information that it will replace Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom. Walt Disney World’s spooky housing of 999 happy haunts appears to be safe and secure despite the rumors that are going around.