Enzo Hernandez Suicide: Former Padres Shortstop Found Dead In Venezuela

MLB.com is reporting that former Padres shortstop Enzo Hernandez died Sunday in an apparent suicide.

According to Venezuelan newspaper Sunday Leader, Hernandez, 63, was found dead in his home of El Tigre, Venezuela which is located about 210 miles southeast of the country’s capital.

Quoting a tweet from journalist John Guatache, the newspaper said Enzo “suffered from symptoms of depression” and in recent months had been treated for the disease.

Police in the town confirmed Hernandez’s death but declined to provide details about the cause.

Following Enzo’s passing, Jose Grasso Vecchio , president of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League, took to Twitter and wrote that Hernandez as well as former Venezuelan major leaguer Dave Concepcion “shined with their gloves.”

Hernandez played seven seasons with the Padres (1971-77) after being obtained from the Orioles on Dec. 1, 1970, and finished his MLB career with the Dodgers in 1978.

Yahoo! Sports reports that Hernandez’s sports career was cut short prematurely due to herniated discs in the athlete’s back.

Over the course of his major league career, Hernandez, who was best known for his defensive efforts, batted .224 with two home runs, 113 RBI, 241 runs, 522 hits, 66 doubles, 13 triples, and 129 stolen bases in 714 games played.

He had a career 80% success rate on stolen bases.