'Fuller House' Boss Jeff Franklin Fired As Showrunner Due To Alleged Bad Behavior, 'Variety' Reports

Fuller House will go on without its creator. In a shocking development, Jeff Franklin, the mastermind behind the 1980s ABC sitcom Full House, is out as showrunner of his Netflix spinoff, Fuller House. Warner Bros. TV has declined to renew its lucrative deal with Franklin amid multiple complaints against him, according to Variety.

In a statement to Variety, Warner Bros. confirmed Full House creator Jeff Franklin will no longer serve as showrunner or executive producer on Fuller House. The decision to remove Franklin from the TV franchise he has helmed since the 1980s reportedly came after the studio received multiple complaints about his behavior in the Fuller House writer's room and on the set of the Netflix comedy. The complaints about Jeff Franklin's alleged behavior reportedly go back as far as two years ago.

Jeff Franklin has not been accused of sexual harassment or any type of physical misconduct with any Full House staff members. But the longtime showrunner has been accused of verbal abuse and inappropriate statements to staffers, including alleged comments about his sex life. One insider alleged that Jeff routinely brought women he dated to the Fuller House set and sometimes gifted them small roles on the series.

Jeff Franklin has not yet issued a statement on the allegations against him. Fuller House stars Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Candace Cameron-Bure have not yet publicly commented on the loss of their longtime boss.

Jeff Franklin was such a big part of Full House franchise that he actually purchased the Victorian house in San Francisco that is used for exterior shots of the sitcom. In a previous interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Franklin revealed that when he saw the famous property was up for sale 30 years after he first used it for stock photos, he just had to have it.

"I'm so sentimental about the house," Jeff said at the time. "It's great to have the house in our Full House family and be able to preserve it for the fans."

The removal of Jeff Franklin from his most famous sitcom is a stark reminder of Hollywood's growing intolerance towards unprofessional behavior in the workplace—even on a major TV show, and even when no physical abuse has been alleged.

Fuller House has been a huge hit on Netflix and was one of the first classic comedies to spawn the current reboot kick. Fuller House was renewed in January for a fourth season, but now it will go on without Franklin.