Chris Hemsworth Shares ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ With His Kids, Says The ‘Brainwashing Has Begun’

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Last year, prior to the release of Thor: Ragnarok, Chris Hemsworth shared with the world that he had brought his children to the set of the movie in order to show them what their father did while he was at work. Unfortunately for him, it seems that they were actually rather unimpressed with him and as the Inquisitr reported at the time, all three of his children were bored being on set. One of their biggest complaints was that they thought that Hemsworth fought monsters for a living, but without special effects, there really are no monsters. However, it seems that Chris Hemsworth is trying to change how they feel about his time as Thor, because now the actor is showing them the actual finished product from his time on set.

In a post on Instagram, Hemsworth let his followers know on Wednesday that he has already begun the “brainwashing,” as he is finally taking the opportunity to show his children the final product of Thor: Ragnarok. In the video, all three of Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s children can be seen sitting in front of an iPad watching the opening of the third Thor movie. As the movie begins playing, the camera pans around to show Hemsworth as he flashes a small smile and gives a thumbs up.

Besides pointing out that the “brainwashing has begun,” the caption for the Instagram post explained that he had only just downloaded the movie for his family, and he wants the kids to “soak it up.” In the hashtags and mentions that went along with the post, he also tagged Marvel and the movie’s director, Taika Waititi, and added that he was “father of the year.”

As E! News reported, Chris Hemsworth did admit that he knows that if his children were to see Thor: Ragnarok after it was completed with all of the special effects already in place, “which make me look cool, then I’m the hero.” The only problem that Hemsworth sees is that once his children came to the set they got to see “behind the curtain,” which can ruin the magic.

While Chris Hemsworth’s decision to bring his three children to see behind the scenes may have led to them being disappointed and disillusioned with the lack of monsters, it seems that the actor is trying to fix all of that by showing them the final product, and getting them back on his side.