Kendra Caldwell Duggar’s Parents Will Be Grandparents In Their 30s

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Kendra Caldwell married into reality TV royalty when she tied the knot with husband Joe Duggar, but it appears that her parents are going to be grandparents before they are 40. According to In Touch Weekly, the pair got married when they were very young, with her mother, Christina, being just 18 or 19. She got pregnant with Kendra immediately and now Kendra, who is only 19 herself, will deliver her baby boy this summer.

Fans of Counting On have questioned why Kendra’s parents look so young on the show, and some even referred to her father as “hot.” Others questioned if her father was actually her brother instead.

The Caldwell family, however, have seven children together and Kendra is their oldest. The pair’s youngest child is three or four now, so the pair have a long way to go before they’re empty nesters.

According to In Touch Weekly, Christina will definitely be a grandmother before she hits 40, and she will turn either 38 or 39 this year. Her husband, Paul, might hit the big 4-0 before Kendra gives birth, but either way, 40 is still relatively young to be a grandparent.

Fans of Counting On might remember the Caldwell family from some of their brief appearances on the show. A pastor by trade, Paul Caldwell married his daughter and Joe at Lighthouse Baptist.

The family will be featured on Counting On more often now that Kendra and Joe have tied the knot. They have stated on the series that the Duggar family and Caldwell family have known each other for a long time, and that some of the Duggar daughters already saw Kendra as a sister. Kendra told cameras on the most recent episode that she believes her family and the Duggar family have more in common than not in common. She also stated that she thinks of her family of seven as “small” compared to the Duggars.

Kendra and Joe Duggar recently announced they are expecting a baby boy sometime this summer. The pair wed in September and made their announcement in December around the holidays. Joe’s sister, Jinger Duggar Vuolo, made her announcement that she is expecting shortly afterward.