Michelle Obama Seems To Take Dig At Donald Trump’s Social Media Use, Says She Tweets Like A Grown-Up

Most people know Michelle Obama for her poise and kindness, but she may have just proved that every once and a while, she can dish it out too.

As the Inquisitr reported a month ago, Michelle Obama celebrated her 54th birthday as fans confessed that they missed having both her and Barack in the White House, especially after Barack penned such a heartfelt tribute on his Instagram page to his wife.

But at an event last night for Klick Health’s MUSE New York, Michelle re-emerged into the spotlight as she appeared to shade Donald Trump for his now-infamous Twitter outbursts. Michelle, who was on a panel at the event, said that she doesn’t just tweet off the top of her head, according to People. The former first lady also added that she does not encourage anyone to tweet off the “top of their heads,” especially not kids because it’s “rude.”

“How many kids do you know that the first thing that comes off the top of their head is the first thing they should express,” she asked before reiterating that people should take a minute and check with others before going off the handle and posting something.

During the panel, Michelle told the audience that she does use social media, but she has a committee of people who help her with the things that she writes on her social media accounts.

“I use it like a grown-up,” Obama said, according to Newsweek.

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Michelle didn’t mention Donald Trump by name as she spoke about manners and social media use, but most people put two and two together to realize that Obama was taking a subtle dig at the president.

Not surprisingly, many people took to Twitter to express their thoughts on Obama’s latest comments. While some were pro-Obama, there were others who were pro-Trump.

“Michelle Obama is a class act. She wouldn’t stoop to the levels Trump does.”

“Twitter is not for grown ups, sorry Michelle, you lost this one,” another user said.

From the beginning, it has been pretty clear that Michelle Obama doesn’t really have a soft spot for Donald Trump. She even spoke out against women who voted for Trump over Democrat Hilary Clinton last year.

“Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice,” she said, according to BBC News.

As of late, the former first lady has been extremely busy. When she isn’t speaking on panels, she has recently been promoting her memoir Becoming. The New York Times reports that the book will be released on November 13 and will be published by Crown, a Penguin Random House company. The 54-year-old tweeted that the book is about a girl from the South Side who found her voice and wishes to inspire her readers.

Surprisingly, Donald Trump has yet to tweet about Michelle Obama’s latest comments.