Sex Expert Drives A Wedge Into Trump-Melania Marriage: ‘Has Anyone Ever Seen A Loving Gesture Between Them?’

A recent article in the LA Times claimed that First Lady Melania Trump was suffering the worst humiliation that any presidential wife has had to endure in modern times. According to the report, not everything is right in the marriage between Donald Trump and Melania, and there are numerous indicators to prove it.

Trump’s imprudent personality especially when it comes to his relationships with women does not help the president’s case. Melania always knew what she was getting into when she married Trump, claims the Times, but she didn’t know that he would run for presidency–and worst still–that a series of embarrassing details would emerge about his alleged affairs of the past.

The last two months have seen some serious allegations against Donald Trump. First the Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump’s campaign had paid adult star Stormy Daniels (real name: Stephanie Clifford) to keep their alleged relationship under wraps one week before 2016 elections. Later, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen admitted to the New York Times that money was paid to Daniels to sign a non-disclosure agreement but it was done at his own volition, and that the Trump campaign had nothing to do with it. Later a report by In Touch Weekly in which Stormy Daniels had claimed that Trump wooed her by offering a place in The Celebrity Apprentice hit the news media, with insinuations that Trump’s alleged affair with Daniels happened while Melania was pregnant with Barron Trump.

Even before dust had settled on the Stormy Daniels affair, former playboy model Karen McDougal told the New Yorker that she also had an affair with Trump around the same period, giving a detailed nine-month diary where she recorded all her encounters with the real estate mogul as proof of her affair.

While Donald Trump and the White House rejected these allegations, the emergence of these stories unraveled some glaring tension in the Trump-Melania marriage. There was already evidence of some tension within the marriage before these stories came to the fore, such as the time when Melania was spotted to stop grinning as soon as her husband turned her face away from here, or the time when she slapped his hand away during a trip to Israel last year, or more recently, the time when she seemed to ignore him during their visit to the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Since the news of Trump’s alleged affairs with Daniels and McDougal broke, there have been further signs of an increasing chasm in the Melania-Trump marriage. The First lady skipped the billionaire congregation in Davos after the story about Daniels broke, and just last Friday, it emerged that “she would drive alone to Andrews Air Force Base rather than helicopter there with her husband from the White House.”

Relationship expert and University of Washington sociologist Pepper Schwartz contends that these snubs from Melania are examples of passive-aggression by the First Lady. He validated his point by claiming that we mostly get to see instances of tension between Donald Trump and Melania, but that should not be the case considering they are always under scrutiny.

“These people are under constant scrutiny. Has anyone ever seen a loving gesture between them?

He then went on to say the evidence showing chasms in the marriage is pretty convincing.

“I don’t think she ever imagined that he was going to be faithful to her. This is a man who has never stopped pushing himself on women. The preponderance of the evidence, as they say, is pretty convincing.”