After Joy-Anna's Baby Boy, Duggar Fans Want Jinger Vuolo To Give Birth To A Girl

Peter Will

Duggar fans want Jinger Vuolo to give birth to a girl. The clamor for a baby girl in the Duggar clan has grown louder after Joy-Anna gave birth to her first child, a boy.

Joy-Anna and Austin did not reveal their baby's gender. Instead, they chose to wait until birth to find out. With Joe and Kendra Duggar announcing earlier this month that they are having a boy, Counting On followers, who were hoping Joy-Anna would give birth to a baby girl, were left disappointed when they learnt of Gideon's arrival. So, when they saw photos of Amy King's visit to Joy-Anna in the hospital, fans let it known just how eager they are for a Duggar to have a girl.

"I love baby boys but a sweet baby girl would be amazing. So far Anna is the only one who has had girls in the family."

Hopefully Jinger will or did I miss that she already knows she is having a boy lol! I can't believe joys baby was 10 pounds!! so cute!!
"I love your hashtag! I was thinking the same thing. Maybe Jinger and Jeremy will have a baby girl!!"