Chrissy Metz Recaps ‘This Is Us’ Vegas Episode, Previews Kate’s & Toby’s Wedding ‘Catharsis’ [Spoilers]

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Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate on This Is Us, took center stage on the popular NBC show’s most recent episode. The “Vegas” episode fulfilled promises from the cast and creator that after so much heartbreak (Jack’s death and the funeral required multiple boxes of tissue for many viewers), This Is Us would provide heaping servings of laughter and joy.

Kate’s And Toby’s Bachelorette And Bachelor Parties Go To “Vegas, Baby”

Chrissy Metz told EW how she felt when she learned that This Is Us planned to follow the death and funeral of Jack (played by Milo Ventimiglia) with a visit for the Pearson family to Vegas. Although the episode featured fun times as Toby (played by Chris Sullivan) and Kate got ready for their wedding, there also were some unexpected battles when Kate’s sister-in-law Beth (portrayed by Susan Kelechi Watson) clashed with Randall (played by Sterling K. Brown). But the cast was enthusiastic about the opportunity to show some lighter moments for the family, said Metz.

“[The This Is Us cast] looked forward to what Kate and Toby’s bachelorette and bachelor parties would actually look like.”

Although the Vegas celebrations leading up to Kate and Toby’s wedding were supposed to be filled with friends, family, and fun, Chrissy admitted that neither character had a big group of friends to attend. Metz pointed out that Kate and Toby have become “really insular in their co-dependent relationship.”


In the wake of Toby’s health scare and Kate’s heartbreaking miscarriage, Chrissy feels that the couple faces challenges in making new friends. And while Beth is a familiar face on This Is Us, she and Kate were shown in an interaction that revealed new aspects of both characters.

Chrissy Metz Talks About “Big Three” Triplets

This Is Us also showed why Kate felt so intimidated by Beth, who, in Kate’s mind, had taken away the support that Randall provided his sister. The episode revealed that after Jack died, Randall and Kate became much closer, while Kevin seemed to have detached himself from the triplets. Chrissy explained her theory about the “big three” and the changes that took place after Jack’s death.

“I think that there was a lot of resentment toward Kevin because he was absent from the fire and the night Jack passed away, which ultimately drew Randall and Kate closer.”

By going through the trauma of losing their father, Kate and Randall formed a “timeless bond,” pointed out Metz.

But the episode also showed the new challenges in Randall’s life as he worried about his former foster child Deja (Lyric Ross). And while Toby attempted to find a way to become closer to his future brothers-in-law, Kevin (portrayed by Justin Hartley) fretted about the Ron Howard movie.

Milo Ventimiglia as Jack and Mandy Moore as Rebecca celebrated a wedding anniversary.
Milo Ventimiglia as Jack and Mandy Moore as Rebecca celebrated a wedding anniversary.Featured image credit: Ron BatzdorffNBC/NBCUniversal Media, LLC Images

Rebecca And Jack Celebrate Anniversary

Every episode of This Is Us shows elements of the past woven with the present. On the most recent episode, Jack and Rebecca were shown celebrating anniversaries, including getting help with one celebration from the “big three” triplets.

One of the three, Kevin (played by Parker Bates), got so concerned that the anniversary wasn’t special enough that the kids cooked up a special dinner. The meal had some issues (underdone Cornish game hens, anyone?), but the rooftop date gave Jack the chance to utter another memorable line to Rebecca.

“You are my daily meteor shower.”

Chrissy Metz Talks “Magic Mike” And Wedding

Recalling the fun when the This Is Us cast filmed at Magic Mike Live, Chrissy described the dancers as “incredible.” As for whether her This Is Us brothers Randall and Kevin would have a chance as performers, Metz joked that she isn’t sure that particular form of art is “their cup of tea.”


One of the sadder moments of the episode occurred when Toby discovered that his brother was missing out on his bachelor party. Chrissy also offered a hint as to what viewers will learn about his family during the wedding in the finale.

“[Toby’s] parents are everything and nothing you’d expect!”

With the wedding finale soon to be aired, Metz also provided some clues about what to expect. Chrissy promised a “twist in true This Is Us fashion.” Praising the writers as “genius,” Metz described the wedding as “upbeat and joyous, through a very important catharsis.”