‘Clash of Clans’ New In-Game Contents In Addition To Builder Base 8 Confirmed For Release This March 2018

Clash of Clans, the hit strategy mobile game developed by Supercell, is reportedly getting its first update for 2018 this March. The game is still massively popular with over 10 million downloads from both the iOS and Android platforms, but for some players, the game has lost some elements that made Clash of Clans great. That said, the upcoming March update is supposed to new life to the game by adding a new Builder Base level and additional content.

A few weeks ago, Darian — the Supercell Community Manager for Clash of Clans — hinted at the introduction of the new Builder Base level in an interview with the Spring Trap Show. During the said interview hosted by Reddit, Darian talked about the current status of the game and the possibility of adding new contents, for example, the rumored Town Hall 12 among others, and new concepts to be introduced into the game. However, Darian also threw in some nugget and hinted that “a lot of unexpected things will be released this year” with regards to future development in Clash of Clans.

And there’s more coming. Darian confirmed that Clash of Clans will receive a number of major updates in the first half of 2018. While details are scarce at the moment with regards to these “major updates,” the Supercell Community Manager basically underlined that one of the updates would focus on the Clan Wars matchmaking. Also confirmed are to come with the March 2018 update are the usual balance changes in both the Builder Base and the Main Village. New troop levels will also be added to both the Builder Base and the Main Village while a number of buildings will be added to the Builder Base.

There is also this new character labeled as “The Traveller.” At the moment, not much is known about this new character but the website All Clash speculates that The Traveller will provide items or war tools. The Builder Base will now have a level 8 and with this comes in-game balancing. For example, the Sneaky Archers abilities and the Single Inferno setting will be nerfed while the Multi Inferno setting would get a buff.

All these new contents to be introduced with the March 2018 Clash of Clans update are certainly a welcome news for long-time players. It has been a while since Supercell introduced something this big and while it is not as huge as the previous, and traditional December updates, the March 2018 update should be a massive one. It is massive not because of the new contents or the new Builder Base level, but because Darian has stated that upcoming updates for the whole year will be connected with the March 2018 update. And this means that Supercell is laying out a great foundation for something big, maybe even bigger than all the past updates combined. And if Supercell does a great job with these updates, then Clash of Clans can truly rise again and sit where it belongs: at the top of the mobile gaming industry.